Having a good security system is important for a multitude of reasons, whether for a home or business. Adding video surveillance to that system makes it even more effective. The best surveillance camera systems available have video capabilities that provide benefits that should not be overlooked. Before assuming that adding surveillance to a standard security system is too expensive, consider the many advantages it can provide.

Why Use Video Surveillance?

Depending upon the installation, adding surveillance cameras to a security system can add more security to property than the rest of the entire system. Of course, those who are determined to get past a security system will do just that – with or without cameras. The good news is that in most cases, the best surveillance camera systems help boost the effectiveness of any security system for the following reasons:

  • Honesty – Video surveillance encourage people to stay honest. When people know they are being watched and recorded, most will avoid doing something questionable. It will not stop those who purposely attempt to get around even the best surveillance camera systems; however, theft and property damage rates do go down considerably when cameras are in place.

  • Compliance – For different reasons, video cameras promote honesty with things like employee behavior in the workplace and compliance with company rules. This is especially true with security systems that also record sound. It is a method that many companies have found useful to increase productivity.

  • Evidence – If a crime is committed despite the obvious presence of a video surveillance system, recorded video data provides much-needed evidence. This could make the difference between a theft or act of vandalism going unpunished and the criminal being apprehended.

Proper Use Of Video Surveillance

Despite the many virtues of video surveillance in a good security system, this type of security does have its downfalls if used incorrectly. The key is remembering that video surveillance is meant to supplement other security measures.

When used alone as a scare tactic, video cameras may work for a while, although sooner or later they will fail, for a variety of reasons. Even the best surveillance camera systems alone do not provide the necessary warnings of an alarm system. They do not send notifications, or alert a security company or police that something is happening. There still needs to be someone watching a home or business at all times – which is not very cost-effective – or a full security system must be installed that is supported by video to give those watching a good view of the property and all activities that occur on and around it. Therefore, falling into the trap of complacency by only having a visible video camera is a mistake.

While the addition of video to a security system may increase its price, there are many options available to fit almost any budget. Installing the best surveillance camera system possible is recommended for homeowners and business property owners alike to help prevent losses due to theft, vandalism, and abuse of assets. Contact a reputable security systems company today and learn more about adding video surveillance to an existing system or installing a new one with video capabilities!

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