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Whether monitoring facility interiors or premise exteriors, we have high definition surveillance system options to fit any sized company needs and budget. Video surveillance involves more than just video cameras; InterSecurity Systems provides top, state-of-the-art high definition surveillance equipment to provide the best results.

Business Surveillance System Components

What are some of the high-tech components and products used in business surveillance systems?

  • High definition (HD) video cameras and recorders!
  • IP digital cameras and recorders!
  • Analog cameras with varifocal or fixed lenses!
  • Low light/night and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras!
  • Network video cameras and recorders!

For construction companies and other industrial customers, InterSecurity Systems can also design and install high definition systems for job-site surveillance and security, such as temporary video surveillance set-ups and systems utilizing remote and interactive technology. With the ability to monitor equipment, subcontractors, and other personnel without a need to be at the job-site, companies can document any theft occurrences, keep track of progress, and observe unwanted activity on the premises!

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