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Construction Work Site Security Systems

Construction site security is essential for builders – and InterSecurity Systems has the expertise to meet those demands. We also work with new home contractors or even homeowners themselves to install security systems in new construction; this is so convenient for everyone and the best installation possible.

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We design and install new construction security systems that include everything from the basics to audio video systems, camera video surveillance, CATV, access control, networked security, and automation. Working from the pre-wiring stage all the way through installation, setup, and testing, we help contractors present a complete, ready product to their customers. We can meet with new homeowners in their homes to explain our security system and explain how to use it – all part of the best home security systems service you will find with InterSecurity Systems.

Industrial Systems for New Construction Sites

Job-site security and monitoring is all possible with one of our systems designed specifically for new construction sites and other industrial applications. These security systems can monitor everything from employees and subcontractors to costly construction equipment and supplies left on-site, all from one convenient administrative account!

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