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Access control is the new ‘buzz word’ that is being heard in security systems information – yet few know what it really means. Access control involves the management and restriction of entry into and out of a particular area. That area may be a home, business, government building, school, or hospital. Access control may involve actually limiting access or may involve being able to see who wants to enter or exit an area – both with reporting capability to almost any mobile platform device.

Types of Access Control Applications

With restricting access as the primary function and a secondary need to view who is getting in an out of certain areas, access control systems can be installed in homes or business to monitor anything from a single door to multiple-door locations.

  • Home Access Control – How much easier would it be for a child returning from school to an empty home to remember a simple code rather than risk losing a key as the only entrance to safety and security? InterSecurity Systems offers access control systems with numerous types of door sensors, including keypads for indoor and outdoor access!
  • Business Access Control – Whether a company requires simple access control of only a few doors or something much more detailed, Intersecurity Systems has the right applications and equipment for reliable business security systems. We have access control systems for single doors or many, as well as systems that can be programmed with general access restrictions or multiple access levels with thousands of users.

Whatever your need – home or business – there is an access control system from InterSecurity Systems that includes easy-to-use software for easy, flexible programming!

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