A media room is much more than simply purchasing a high definition TV with built-in surround sound. The good news is that creating a home theater environment is easier than ever, as long as long as a few important things are considered. By using the best audio/visual systems, along with a little bit of acoustic knowledge, anyone can have the entertainment room of their dreams to enjoy music and movies with family and friends.

Initial Planning

When beginning a media room project, the most important consideration is which room will be this important room. Before purchasing any components, the room should be carefully analyzed to ensure it is the appropriate space for a media room and can do what it is supposed to – look and sound great.

Things that must be contemplated are room shape and dimensions; ceiling and flooring material; furniture position; and placement of video screens as well as all audio speakers. The best audio/visual systems are only as good as the environment in which they are used. In order to get the full effect of the media components and keep all that technology from going to waste, homeowners should research things like acoustics in relation to room size and shape.

Media Component Technology

Media components are continuously improving. With larger TV screens, higher definition, and better audio options, creating a media room at home is easier than ever.

Choosing the TV is an important decision, with screens available as large as ten feet wide; however, the most challenging part of a media room is planning the sound system. It should be high quality and be able to play video through the system along with the best audio sound. It also needs to accommodate the room size and shape and objects in the room, which all have an effect on sound. Surround sound audio systems do all of this and more, so they are a must for any media room.

There are different versions of a surround sound setup. They include 5.1 surround, for the basic surround experience and 7.1 surround, for the more detailed surround audio. Each system works well in the right set-up to provide amazing, real-life sound. It is a good idea to discuss the differences between these two systems with an expert who sells the best audio/visual systems, including surround sound audio components.

Room Style and Comfort

Once the media system has been chosen, it is time to make the room look great. Some people want the media room to be a miniature theater; others prefer a place that is casual and comfortable for family time and entertaining friends. Homeowners should consider who will use the room the most and create a space based on that. The furniture should be arranged so that all seats have a good view of the screen and are able to appreciate the effects of the surround sound.

After major furniture pieces are appropriately placed, it is time to add a little personal style with decor that fits the feel of the room. Once the room is done, grab a bowl of popcorn, pop in a DVD, and try it out. With a few adjustments here and there, achieving the perfect sound should be easy.

With today’s audio and video technology, an impressive media room that will make friends and family envious is easier and more affordable than ever. Having the best audio/visual systems available is within reach. With a little bit of research, any homeowner can tackle this project – with great results!

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