One of the great things about newer audio technology is how convenient and useful it is in many different ways. For home security customers looking for two benefits in one, installing in-wall/in-ceiling speakers works well for both entertainment and security purposes. Before purchasing a set of wall and ceiling speakers, read the tips below about how to achieve the best audio/visual systems with in-wall/in-ceiling speakers.

Not Just Your Shelf Speaker

There are considerable differences between standard audio speakers that sit on the floor or shelf and in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Stand-alone speakers are fully contained units consisting of the speaker itself as well as the surrounding wooden or plastic container that acts as an acoustic chamber. Technically, a standard speaker could be installed in a wall or ceiling; however, the cabinet makes doing so a bit cumbersome. Removing the cabinet destroys the acoustics.

The technology of surface mounted, in-wall/in-ceiling audio has finally progressed so that the sound is now as good as that from cabinet speakers. The speaker unit itself is contained in a small, protective surrounding that is designed so speakers actually use the space between the wall or ceiling layers including insulation for acoustics resonance. This is especially significant with the bass, as audio system wall and ceiling speaker designs are now achieving impressive levels of bass.

Why In-Wall or Ceiling Speakers?

There are a number of reasons why in-wall or ceiling speakers are a great audio system choice, starting with convenience. These units put sound up high, where it sounds better, is out of the way, hides the wires, and does not use valuable shelf or floor space to hold them. It allows for a neater looking home, while still allowing for the best audio/visual systems possible.

Additionally, in-wall and ceiling speakers sound great. There are various types of speakers from which to choose, such as tweeters, sub-woofers, and combination tweeter-woofers as well as various frequencies that handle different music preferences. The variety of units make it easy to balance sound in different rooms with various shapes and acoustics.

It should also be noted that in-wall and ceiling speakers are easy to connect to audio system receivers as well as to television and security systems. Since many people wire their entire home with speakers, music can be heard throughout the house, making this the perfect environment for wiring a security system alarm as well.

Wiring for Sound and Security

The convenience factor in wiring any home with great in-wall and ceiling speakers is compounded when used with a security system and installation must be done with care. A poor installation or the wrong type of wiring can create a fire hazard and may not be reliable. It is essential that whoever does the wiring for this type of setup knows how to wire in walls and ceilings in addition to using the highest quality equipment, including UL-Rated, CL2 or CL3 speaker wire for greatest safety.

Homeowners looking for the audio/visual systems for their homes should consider using in-wall and ceiling speaker installation for as it adds enjoyment to time spent at home. When professionally wired by an experienced technician, wall and ceiling audio capability allows for the easy addition of a home security system!

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